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Competition by Darkness - Sony of Singer

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  • Competition by Darkness - Sony of Singer

    Hello to everyone !

    We all listen to different styles of music. We have all our favorite singers and bands.
    I offer a c ontest lookalikes singers !

    To participate :

    - Write the name of your lady and that of the singer
    - Add the title of your favorite music (of this same singer)
    - Share a photo of the singer (one photo) and your lady lookalike

    The rules :
    - whether you want the singer sings in solo or group, whetherfamous or not and no matter what time and age .
    - Possibility to choose the same singer as another participant, as long as you do not take the same photo or a photo too similar. In case of strong resemblance, only the first participant will be accepted.
    - You can not use an outfit inspired by the singer in question (collection & event)
    - Your lady must be the look-alike of the photo you have chosen!

    The 3 best look-alikes will each win a reward:

    1st place: 100 emeralds + 50 xp
    2nd place: 85 emeralds + 50 xp
    3rd place: 70 emeralds + 50 xp

    You have until May 14 at midnight!
    Thank you to all those who participate and good luck to all!

    Lady Darkness

    * To post your lady on the forum, copy / paste the 4th link of the photo of the book in your comment.

    * To post a photo of the web on forum, open the photo in large, right click on it to "copy the address of the image". In your comment, click on the icon A then on and paste the address of the image.

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    I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness
    [FONT=Arial]][color=#333333][/COLOR]Boże, to trudna piosenka! Zakres wokalny wokalisty Justina Hawkinsa jest po prostu oburzający, a szybkie kluczowe zmiany pozostawiają śpiewakom brzmiącym jak niedorozwinięty dorastający mężczyzna w jednej minucie, a następnie chóralny głuchy ton w następnym.