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I think I violated against the ToS and need advice.

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  • I think I violated against the ToS and need advice.

    Hello everyone,, I'm a bit in panick. So basically my brother started playing WoW he's 15 and I'm 19. We played together for a couple of weeks but now he's got a lot of exams coming up so he's got to learn for school. 1337x KissAsian MangaStream

    Since I'm a nice brother I offered him to level both our sweepstakes softwareaccounts so we could get right into Legion when he is finished with his exams (He doesn't like leveling much but he once saw me doing myth+ dungeons which he seemed to like). He said why not. He gave me permission to do it. I didn't know this was forbidden in the ToS I only knew about Account sharing being prohibited when you intend to sell it.

    But anyways someone reported both of the accounts and I'm literally shaking. This was about half a week ago. I haven't been using his account since then. Is there any chance that one of those accounts are getting perma banned?