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What is your theoretical ideal controller?

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  • What is your theoretical ideal controller?

    I've been thinking very hard lately about the perfect game controller. I play a lot of indie games, and because most of them are 2D, this usually means I play a lot of games with a D-Pad. As it stands, the only two controllers that are made purely for D-Pad inputs (that are mainstream enough that you could find a PC adapter for one) SNES and NES controllers, with the SNES being the obvious choice (more buttons). The issue, however, I find with most older controllers is the very thick membranes they use for their buttons, leaving them to feel like there is a lot of push-back when pressing them, as well as making them feel as if there's a significant amount of artificial input lag due to how long it takes to press it down. On top of all that, there's next to know satisfying click feeling on press. The D-Pad is the worst offender, in the SNES's case, and it often feels like you're not even pressing it hard enough to react, or that it isn't seated properly because of how bloated the membrane makes it feel.