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Anniversary and declaration

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  • Anniversary and declaration

    Dear all,
    The month of March is full of anniversaries to celebrate and wish for, but today I wanted to celebrate a special one.
    It's been three years that I'm the admin of this game. So I'm celebrating 3 years of daily pleasure, 3 years of a great job that brings me a lot on the human and creative side!
    I wanted to thank you all, to be part of this great adventure that we build every day together.
    I also wanted to make a special statement to my two moderators:
    Aya, Elem,
    Just a little parenthesis to tell you my love.
    You have been from the beginning a supporter for me without fail. You m'
    You gave me time to learn and to take my bearings, we had a hell of a storm from my first week and we faced that with the communication we have until now.
    We have been through so much together for three years: our joys, our sorrows, our laughs, our doubts, our projects, our ideas, arrivals, departures, twists, revelations, secrets and little things, our moods, our favorites, the events of the game as of life.
    You are more than my collaborators, you are in my heart.
    Honest, honest, straight, always there (day and night ), responsive, you're my team of shock and I could not do without you!

    You made Lazaline grow!