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What did you all think of "We Happy Few"?

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  • What did you all think of "We Happy Few"?

    Currently playing through it and just about to finish the 2nd chapter.
    I put so much time into the first character before realizing there were more that by the time the 2nd character started I was burned out on exploration and side quests.

    I personally really enjoy the story and the idea of the game overall. I think the developers did a fantastic job with the game, I honestly think it's a little too big for its own good so far. The exploration gets really repetitive, I know longer am interested in searching houses and what not and there are some reused assets (cellars anyone?) but while the missions are few and far between, they are typically really well made.
    Overall I'm going to stick with it to the end. I think it's a promising idea that just wasn't executed as well as it could have been. The upgrades for example are extremely overpowering and some of them defeat the purpose of the games intended mechanics which is too bad because the game ends up shooting itself in the foot. I never truly felt worried about dying or getting caught because of these.