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Event: Fashion Awards

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  • Event: Fashion Awards

    Hello everyone,,
    If the whole plot of the movie trilogy DOESN'T revolve around Rick trying to get back to the group, I won't be able to take it seriously.

    Dear Ladies,

    Tonight we are celebrating the Fashion Awards with a new event, never seen in Fashion Arena!
    It's the night of Royal movers sensational and attractive looks ... A night full of music, glamor and excitement!
    Let's walk on the red carpet with the most beautiful Hollywood dresses!

    Stop at all starred locations to discover the hidden rewards.
    Collect blocks of color and win the 3 great outfits for your lady! (the desired color is next to the item to be won)

    You can use special boosters:

    The hammer (breaks the block as you choose)
    The bomb (breaks a block and its surroundings)
    The colorful bomb (breaks all the blocks of the color of your choice)

    You start with 3 lives. If you lose one, it will be returned 8 hours later! Keep in mind that if you manage to collect all the elements of a starred location, you will not lose your life!