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Atlantika, the destiny of the world.

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  • Atlantika, the destiny of the world.

    Once lived a goddess in a world of dictatorship and confusion, she was her ultimate governess. Loved by all. She was desiring life and death.

    One day, his companion comes running and says to him:
    My ultimate successor! I have one of the most disappointing news.

    Atlantika answers him:
    - an event just happened, and you are not the author. A tromblemen of earth that killed a thousand people.
    I will consult the council.
    (board members)

    Hey, 3 minutes! We have a problem .
    - Yes, we know. There is an evil spirit in a parallel world called '' solar system '', more or less earth.
    You have to go and fight him.
    -atlatika: out of the question
    -If you want to regain control of your world you have to do it.
    -I'll think about it .
    The DS goes to his throne and stays there for several hours. When suddenly his companion arrives.
    Oh my ultimate successor! It rained balls of fire!
    -I go !
    -but Mistress ! Where ?
    How to dress the creatures of the earth world.
    Well come mistress.