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Dressing for an interview tips

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  • Dressing for an interview tips

    It's going to depend on what field you're in, but for more conservative fields like finance and law, you should be going for something that's basic, professional, and blends in. In these conservative fields, that means a black or navy suit. Period. As another commenter pointed out, you want what you're saying to be the star of your interview, not what you're wearing.
    You should also focus on professional pieces that are comfortable and that you won't have to adjust whenever you sit down / stand up. Pants and skirts should stay up without having to tug at them, shirts should stay easily tucked in and not shift around too much so that you accidentally don't show too much skin. Neutral business colors are the way to go: black, grey, light blue, navy, and white / cream. You can also do other light pastel colors, like mint or lilac, for your blouses.
    Shoe wise, wear something professional that you can walk in. If heels are comfortable for you, a 2-3 inch black pump with a round or almond toe will always fit the bill. Flats are also perfectly acceptable in interviews if heels aren't your thing (they certainly aren't mine), but it can be difficult to find flats that are simple, classic, and professional. My interview shoes are black faux suede almond toe flats with a low wedge heel. They top off a suit quite well, which surprised me because I bought them in a panic at Target.
    If you have long hair, I would suggest wearing it in a ponytail or bun unless you can style it so that it looks neat and professional when it's down. I have short wavy / curly hair, so...I just have to try to contain my frizzies and hope for the best, since it's too short to put up.
    If you go jewelry, it should be understated and minimal, but you can show some personality with it. I would err on the side of small pieces over larger ones, and on gold or silver over other materials. I have a pair of crystal studs that I wear for interviews and formal occasions. I always wear earrings to interviews because they just make me feel put together, but jewelry certainly isn't required.
    I'm finishing law school in a couple of weeks, so I've had to interview for a bunch of different internships and jobs, and in the preparing for them did SO MUCH RESEARCH on what to wear and not to wear for interviews. The bottom line is that you want to show prospective employers that you know how to dress neatly and formally in a business setting, and know how to meet expectations of professionalism.

    If you can add more tips, that would be great.