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Adding My Station to Google Home/Alexa?

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  • Adding My Station to Google Home/Alexa?

    Hi, I'm being tasked with getting all of our radio stations on smart speakers, specifically Google Homes and the Amazon Alexa devices. Most of our stations were already on TuneIn, which is a built-in service that works on both of those speakers. So that's easy, just tell the speaker to play your station and it works.
    The problem I run into is, there's a couple stations that are not on TuneIn, and TuneIn recently stopped accepting new stations to be added to their directory.
    For Alexa, I found a website called MyTuner, which you can download a skill for on your Alexa, and presto, you can play your station on the speaker. It takes a few extra steps and it's not ideal, but at least you can get your station on Alexa.
    For Google Home speakers, I can't find any solutions. The only built-in radio services I can find are TuneIn, iHeart, and, none of which seem to accept radio stations to be added to their directories. Like TuneIn, looks like it used to accept stations to be added, but they don't anymore. And you can't get on iHeartRadio unless you're an iHeart station, apparently.
    Has anyone figured out how to add a station to be heard on Google Home speakers if those aforementioned directories aren't options?
    Thanks in advance if anyone else has figured something out!